One Beat Behind

by A Fish Called Bastard

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released December 8, 2016



all rights reserved


A Fish Called Bastard England, UK

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Track Name: When You Fall
And when you fall onto your knees
You will beg for their forgiveness and pray for sympathy
Cos there’s no redemption for your tortured soul
and there’s no peace to be found in this world my friend
So down you go

Bound by your own mistakes
Unable to live from day to day
There’s a war inside my head
A constant battle between myself
Track Name: Crash & Burn
All the suffering of this world that we live in

This world is filled with greed
Too many starve, too many bleed
Where does this all lead and what does it mean?

Do you want to know
Or do you need a change from what we have right now?
I don’t know when and I don’t know how
But things need to be changed around

Through gritted teeth and clenched fists
(still dragging my feet as my patience wears thin)
With open eyes and open mind
(they seem so hard to find)
Why is it that we cant seem to find a way?

We're desperate - you can see it in our eyes
Wont hesitate - always apathetic towards the stream of hateful lies
Its a matter of time before the tables turn
And we'll take our place just in time to watch you burn

A child lies on the street
The helping hand too far to reach
So many lessons we could teach on the subject of humanity

But no one wants to know
Don’t want to see a change, see the system rearranged
Ignorant, they’ll turn away
From whats staring them right in their face

Stand on the rooftops and shout
(before the right to speak is taken from the meek)
Open those eyes open those minds
(its not so hard you’ll find)
Side by side, we will find our own way
Track Name: Blinded by Our Innocence
Build it up high & lock them in
Cloud the skies - they’ll never see the sun again
Who needs light?
When we’ve been blinded by our innocence in the night

A swarm of flies entrench the air
Spreading disease amongst the minds of the people who cannot care
And cannot see the gangsters and the pranksters fooling us with their trickery

There’s no escaping from the building towering above our heads
The dirty streets of broken cities are where our thoughts are laid to rest
Understanding is a crime - we can’t see through the masquerade
And if you let them they will lead you to your grave

Televise your lies
Infiltrate their homes
Put your dirty stamp on everything you tell them they should own
What do I need?
Everything they show on my TV screen

Hang them out to dry and reel them in.
Track Name: What Lies Beneath
Justification of your addiction through beliefs shaped for todays youth
(by the media)
It’s a contradiction of all your views but it excuses all the bad you do
(bad things you do)
A cheap imitation of something this world professes to detest
(so stand and protest)
Another god who speaks of easy belief, for he provide your bread
(no he won’t provide)
Anything just like any god that’s ever been before
(what are you praying for?)
Enlightenment, insight in to, a reason why we put up with all this?
(why do you need a reason?)
You’re just enslaving yourself, not saving no one else
(you're saving no one)
This fragile mind was sold over time, but not to the right guy

I’ve heard this tale a thousand times before
But you don’t know the truth of what lies beneath
I’ve heard this tale a thousand times before
Track Name: No Compromise
i tried my best to make it work
but you wouldn’t meet me halfway
no compromise and no words you say are gonna change my mind

i tried to save you from the hurt
but you wouldn’t let it be that way
no compromise

you were the one who dragged us down
made it too hard to stick around
made it impossible, improbable
i was the one who tipped the scales
but you sent them all the way
crashing to the ground into pieces

you stood your ground
no room to move
don’t understand the give or take

if this how story ends
then please let it be said
i’ve no regrets

you had to control it all
until the day i told you i was leaving
i couldn’t stay to watch you fall
watch you self destruct and destroy everything
everything you loved, everything we were
everything that we were yet to be
i lost belief, in you and me and all that we held dear
this is how our story ends
Track Name: In The End
just to exist,
yeh that was it
enough to survive
enough to stay alive
i got fucked up
and fell for love
but it was just another means to an end, in the end

bad decisions & stupid mistakes still somehow lead me here
to this everything to my everything somehow

you saved me from myself
and from anyone else
my own safety net
the hand that catches me when i fall
and its all i need, to drag me off the ground when i’ve got nothing left

building up a wall
so i couldn’t fall
or feel or see,
what’d become of me
but we got fucked up
and fell in love
and i was the means to my end, once again.

bad decisions and naive mistakes
they all lead me here
to this emptiness, to the edge of reality
bad decisions and blind sightedness
set me on the path to here
to this end, to my end but i couldn’t see

i saved you from yourself
and from all the rest
your own safety net
the hand that propped you up, held you close for all these years
til i had to let go, i couldn’t hold on any longer

we lost sight of ourselves
and of everyone else
not a safety net
but a weight tying us down
clinging on to what was left
did it mean anything?
to either of us in the end
Track Name: Freedom
Once not that long ago I heard you speak the words
I never thought I’d hear you say again
The utterance was just enough to make my ears burn
To pique my interest in the subject

In our circumstance can it ever really be?
Can you break away from the things that tie you down?
What does it mean to actually be,
is it something we can even do in our fucked up society?

Freedom you read about you spoke about and now it’s time to be
To be free

Once you’ve broke down the walls what’s your next move gonna be?
Can you pawns take your king unaided?
Are you gonna take down all the upper classes in one fell swoop?
Or are you content to leave then flailing?